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This page lists the checklists available to use for Warframe.


1. Just copy and paste the code from the syntax field of each checklist down below into your character page:

Syntax example

2. In Source mode, change 'no' to 'yes' for the items that you own in the checklist template.

- Just replace yes with potato or potatoed in the checklist for POTATO'ED without forma

- Replace with forma for FORMA'ED without potato

- Replace with potatoforma to include POTATO and FORMA

3. When a new weapon/warframe/sentinel is updated to the list you have to either:

a) Manually insert the code into the template itself by using |weaponname=yes/no

Before insertion
After insertion

b) Copy the entire syntax from the template pages of each checklist listed below and re-tick the items you own.

All ChecklistsEdit

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